My introduction to photography started in 1999 when I started as a freelance journalist for the local newspaper. I never got a regular job as a journalist, but I found a new hobby in photography. Early on I was eager to try different thing and themes, and so my portfolio from back then are filled with all kind of things. Current days are not to different, still eager to learn and master new techniques, but my main focus is fine art nudes and nature. Nature has always been a major part of my photography, and living in Norway I can just walk out from the house to enter the woods, looking for motives.

I have always enjoyed competing, and when I some years ago started to enter national and international photography contest, and even started to get good results, things escalated quickly. The hunt for awards and new titles is like fuel for my hobby, and pushes me to try new things and do things better. This hobby have given me many exciting experiences, taken me to many new places and given me a lot of new friends.

Future plans involve some larger projects with fine art nudes in wonderful locations, and hopefully I can get my own studio some day