Una Streit Larsen



The photograph is my passion and my breath.

As a teenager I bought an analog camera and worked in the darkroom.  After a long photo break I returned to the digital camera in autumn 2015 where I also sent in for the first time to an international competition.

In 2016 I got the courage to send more pictures in the world and has now been awarded an ASDF, AFIAP and a NSMiF/b.

I have just applied for an EFIAP and are also looking for a NSMiF/s, even if it’s going to be a year.

International competitions develop me as a photographer and sharpen my image vision.

I have had 3 solo exhibitions in various cultural houses and have over the 3 last years contributed to an exhibitions in June at the same time at the Copenhagen Photo Festival.

The photograph makes me relax and be in the moment.